Cactus Plumbing

The company was founded by Stefan and Leander Classen.

“We have serviced the community with excellence craftsmanship and expertise, and it is our goal to keep doing that in the future”.

We offer a 24/7 service to all out clients. No job is to big or to small, from government projects to home owners needing a drain fix, we can do it.


Septic tank and French drain Systems:
We pride ourselves as one of a few plumbing companies in Pretoria that offers installations of septic tanks as well as building of French drains. We also offer advice on both. Please visit our “Latest Projects” bar for photos.

We offer any services around geysers. Installation of geysers, replacement of elements and thermostats, replace safety valves and drip trays. We do a perfect job the first time, according to law/standards, and never go back for our mistakes.

Bathroom and Kitchen Renovations:
We like to offer the whole spectrum of plumbing services in and around Pretoria. This is why we have successfully renovated a lot of bathrooms and kitchens since we started the company in 2007. Everything around bathroom renovations, like minor building, tiling, building showers, installing sanitary ware etc. Please look at our photo gallery.

Blocked Drains:
Fast and effective opening and cleaning of blocked drains, inside and outside. We have the right tools for this, thus making it very easy to assist you with your messy blocked drain.

24/7 Service:
We offer “true” around the clock service, and will answer our phones any time of day or night. This is why we ALWAYS busy on weekends, because we answer our phones, providing the best 24/7 service to our clients.

Construction plumbing:
We pride ourselves in plumbing the Aliwal North provincial hospital, making this one our largest construction plumbing contract yet. Nothing too big or to small, bring them on, we face them ALL.

Burst Pipes:
Any type of burst pipe we can fix. Copper pipes, old galvanized or Polycarp. We work fast and efficient to solve the problem as quick as possible, making it affordable to phone Cactus Plumbing for any burst pipes.

Qualified Plumbers:
Our plumbers are all qualified plumbers, done their trade test thought the Department of Labor. Certificates are always ready for prove.

Toilet leaks:
ANY toilet leak we WILL fix, with almost a 100% success rate. We have special tools and qualification to seal your toilet so that it NEVER leaks again.